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Community Outreach


North Hawaii Domestic Violence

These are essential needs baskets under the domestic violence community outreach we do for our at risk families.
During the beginning of the pandemic we began this program that continues touching families for their basic needs.
To protect the safety and privacy of our families we do not take their photos.


Hope Scarves

We just launched our partnership into the Queens North  Hawaii community Hospital oncology dept.
Our Church does scarves drives and collections we reach out to other churches and thrift stores to keep the Hope Scarves program in Hawaii.

These outreach programs allows God Squad Kawaihae to be the Ekklesia a church outside the walls or a building.


Kares of Hawaii

Rescue Program

God Squad Kawaihae Church partnership with our Kares of Hawaii rescue program.
We do donation collection through the church for our fur-babies

Keiki Snack Packs

God Squad Kawaihae community snack packs keeping our Keiki feed with the love of Christ.
Our Outreach program includes 150 Keiki from Kailapa and Kawaihae Village.
With the challenges of these past two years due to covid our church has found a way to reach our Keiki with our snack pack ministry

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